Engineering is one of the oldest and most comprehensive technical disciplines, and its continuous development is accompanying our family for generations.

Im the third generation of engineers.

Ladislav Peřina

The founder of our lifetime interest was grandfather Ladislav Peřina.

Even though he was a trained kotlář he spent his entire professional life working for Škoda factory in Hradec Králové, later renamed to ZVU.

Most of the time he was working as a fitter and later as a head of constructions assembly in sugar factories, breweries and chemical plants in the Middle East and Africa. He managed the latest projects in these areas as a manager. He has never forgotten his colleagues and subordinates.

Ivan Peřina

My father’s career was given by my grandfather. He started his career by the drawing board at the 064 repairing plant in Hradec Králové right after graduating from the Secondary Industrial School in Hradec Králové. With persistence and effort, he successfully completed a long-distance study at the Czech Technical University in Prague and the position of the technology leader did not wait long for himself. He concluded  his career on the position of MEDTEC Director – VOP in Hradec Králové (formerly the Military Repair Division 064). His versatility and his thoughts accompany me to this day.

Martin Peřina

So far Im the last one in this line. Proper engineer graduated from the Technical University in Liberec . However, the beginning of my professional career was not about engineering at all.

Through programming of economic softwares, I gradually developed into a financial manager.

Despite the undeniable achievements in the field of economy I kept trying to return to my beloved technology. The direct path to engineering has fully opened fo me about 10 years ago. Now I can use all my experience and knowledge as a director of engineering companies to fully embrace my technical potential.

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